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Project Description

TubeBarrier is a Non-Structural Flood Barrier System

TubeBarrier is a temporary flood barrier system to mitigate the socio-economic and ecological impact of damages due to flooding. 

  • TubeBarrier is a flexible tube with a waterside flap attached to the bottom which is anchored on any surface.
  • The rising flood water flows over the flap into the tube chambers through the inlet openings.
  • The water in the tube balances to the same level as the flood water – providing structural integrity to the barrier.
  • The anchors prevent initial rising water from passing below the tube.
  • The tube automatically empties when the water subsides.
  • Barrier stability is reached with flood water and without need for electricity, compressed air, or, municipal water.

Modular Scalable System

Sections may be extended as long as needed.

Quick Installation

100 meters (328′) in an hour with 4 people.

Simple Storage

Standard sized and stackable boxes save space.

No Electricity Required

No pumps or a lot of manpower are needed to install the flood barrier.

Usable on Most Surfaces

Sites with paved or unpaved surfaces aren’t a problem.

Control Flood Water Redirection

Control Flood Water Redirection with a special outlet applied for this purpose.

Modular Installation

Installing the TubeBarrier is simple and can be done without the use of external tools with several people.

100 meters per hour can be installed when all elements are in place.

  1. TubeBarrier is delivered in 10 meter length sections complete in a pallet box with particular accessories.
  2. Place the pallet boxes every 10 meters.
  3. Draw the sections out of the boxes till two ends of the TubeBarriers meet.
  4. Connect the ends using a water proof zipper and connection cover flap.
  5. Repeat this process with the other tube sections.

How It Works !

Fighting Water with Water

Rising flood water fills the Tube.

An inflatable garden pool is difficult to move with only a little bit of water in it because it creates enormous pressure on the bottom of the pool. This friction principle applies to the functioning of the TubeBarrier as well.

Simple Storage

TubeBarrier sections of 10 meters are folded into to 1×1 meter bins by simply sliding the ends together like an accordion. Storage Bins:

  • Easy to stack.
  • Same size as a block pallet.
  • Have separate lids.
  • Weigh approximately 30 kg.
  • Tube Barrier itself weighs about 70 kg.
  • Total weight per box is approximately 100 kg with a 10 meter 70 cm high section.
  • The boxes have sledges at the bottom so that if needed they can be pulled by hand through grasslands or mud.


TubBarrier is made of PVC Material and requires Virtually NO MAINTENANCE.

For many years PVC has proven itself. It is mold and rot-free, extremely strong, pliable and impervious to temperature fluctuations. When the barrier is used for flood protection, after the water has receded, it might be wet and dirty.  A garden hose can be used to clean the barriers through the top ventilation holes. It is best to let the TubeBarrier dry before putting in back in storage.

Seeking Dealers

We are a dynamic rapidly growing company looking for resellers who want to grow and share success with us.

We are looking for committed dealers who are actively involved in civil engineering.

We are looking for full service dealers who focus on the delivery, deployment and services.

If you feel that you or your company is suitable to enter into a resellers with us, please contact us.

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