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Project Description

Self Closing Wave Barrier

A device for reflecting waves at water and a method for protecting a quantity of coast The Self Closing Wave Barrier (SCWB) relates an installation for breaking waves on a water coast such as a riverside or bay. Waves can be build up by heavy winds and break normally on dikes and quays and can cause heavy damage by floods on buildings, dikes quays and flood barriers. It is known that cities as New York and Boston had to suffer witch great damage to building on the quays. The waves on the quays, during the hurricane Sandy reached highs of several meters. The consequences where big floods and damage at the buildings on the quays and floods in the cities. The SCWB has for its object to increase the safety of the coast areas. The SCWB provides for this purpose an installation for stemming the waves to the coast. In combination with a flood barrier, as for example the Self Closing Flood Barrier, it will protect the quay and the city for waves and high water.

Working Principle

An advantage of the installation is that it will be built in combination with similar installations, a breakwater over the full length of the protecting coastline. A further advantage is the space between the installations for a free flow of the water in between the installations that reduce the pressure on the barrier enormously. A further advantage is that the round tubes can capture enormous strength and will break the waves into shallow water just after the installations. In rest position the inner barrier tube will float in the outer tube house. The level of the water inside the tube house is as high that the barrier tube will just hang on its lid and is completely invisible.

In case of expected waves or high water, the floating inner tube will rise. The inner tube will now raise till a support stopping blocks and blocks the tube on his maximum.


  • The SCWB is not a flood barrier, but breaks heavy waves that will break on the coast.
  • With the SCWB it is possible to protect in combination with a SCFB™ flood barrier urban floods.
  • The SCWB is invisible when it is not in use.
  • To set up the system no manpower is required.
  • The system is maintenance free.
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