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Project Description

Rapid Dam – Mobile Flood Barrier

  • Rapid deployment makes the flood barrier ideal for emergency situations
  • Single-component, flexible membrane flood barrier
  • 100m can be deployed by 4 operatives in 30-40 minutes
  • Available in lengths up to 200m and heights of 0.5m, 1m and 1.2m
  • Modular construction allows for lengths of many kilometres
  • Handling unit (RHU) can store 120m and be used to ease deployment
  • Conveniently easy to clean and reusable
  • Temporary and demountable barrier options
  • Mobile flood barrier

Rapidam as a portable flood barrier is the ultimate emergency product where time is of the essence and limited manpower is a challenge. It’s single-component, flexible membrane construction uses the flood water itself to provide friction and seal pressure with the ground. It is the ideal solution for the protection of critical infrastructure such as railways and highways.

Rapidam is stored on a mobile, demountable unit and can be deployed and assembled within 40 minutes using just four operatives; it is virtually impossible to assemble incorrectly. The flood defence can be disassembled just as quickly and is conveniently easy to clean and ready to use again.

The modular design allows an unlimited number of lengths to be joined together to form one large barrier in any configuration, up to many kilometres. The systems flexible construction allows it to be used on any surface including watercourses, reservoir banks, property enclosures and access locations.

The standard installation of the system is through the use of threaded sleeves that are resined into a concrete beam, however there are multiple other options. Limited equipment and accessories include aluminium angle and battery-powered drills, which can also be mounted onto the handling system. The unit is available in either stand-up (anchored in an upright position) or tip-forward (anchored in flat position) variations, single units ranging from 2m to 200m in length and 0.5m to 1.5m in height.

Produced from ‘rip-stop’ material, Rapidam flood barrier will maintain stability in the event of a puncture, with limited seepage of less than 40 litres per hour, per metre. The dam can also be produced with in-built corners, however it is preferable to run the dam in long, straight lengths with the corners’ angle changes provided by permanent structures.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty, with the option of annual inspections and repairs or replacements included in the maintenance contract. Tested in real floods, Rapidam is accredited with independent testing from HR Wallingford UK, 2001-2002, and is fully compliant with BSI Kitemark PAS1188:2-2003, transferred to PAS1188:4-2009.

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