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Project Description

Sandhurst Consulting

We believe the best people to design and deliver leadership development and emergency management training, are those who have been successful leaders themselves. Our consultants each have a minimum of 20 years’ experience in leading teams ranging in size from a few people to a few thousand. We have studied the theory, but it is our extensive practical knowledge gained from years of hands-on leadership within manufacturing, oil & gas the military, that makes us different and allow us to maximize your investment. Based on the skills & competencies your business requires for success, and backed with tried and tested leadership theory, our solutions are a refreshing mix of instruction, lively discussion and real time examples, reinforced with practical exercises to enhance learning. We also endeavor to keep your costs to a minimum without compromising quality and will help you measure your ROI. Sandhurst Consulting utilize their own proven leaders to work with you to design and deliver custom built solutions for your company. We can assist you with: Leadership Development, Leadership Assessment, Leading in an Emergency, Safety Leadership, Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness.

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