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Project Description

IBS Aluminum Slot Barriers

Protect your property with flood protection barriers of IBS Technics GmbH. Made to your individual requirements – from the world market leader for mobile flood protection from dam beam systems.

Configure your flood barrier yourself. Up to a height of 1.0 meters and 2.0 meters of light width you can purchase our SL2. From a height of 1.0 meters and up to a clear width of up to 4.0 meters, please use this configurator to send us your request.

For this we only need the clear width of the opening to be protected, the desired protection goal and the mounting situation. We differentiate between the following installation options: in front of the wall, in soffit. Simply enter your circumstances in the configurator. You will then receive an offer within a few working days. IBS – Easier you can not protect your property.

  • Design of the system according to DIN EN1990, DIN EN 1993-1-1, DIN EN1991-1-1, DIN EN 1999-1-1 (current version) hydrostatic water pressure, with 1.35-fold safety.
  • We require minimum concrete grade B25 (C20 / 25).
  • Any existing insulation must be removed.
  • The stability of existing structures must be checked by the customer.
  • The foundations required for the anchor plates must be planned, verified and produced on site.
  • The anchor plates have a mounting space requirement of min. Length x width x height = 500 x 500 x 500mm, which must be taken into account during foundation planning.
  • A suitable, rigid support is to be provided by the customer.
  • The static evidence of the foundation, the reinforcement and the creation of the formwork and reinforcement plans are on-site services.
  • Flat and vertical surfaces are required for mounting the end supports.
  • We assume a level, submerged surface.
  • Floor irregularities of 15 mm are compensated by the system (does not apply to doors, panels, flaps).
  • The offer does not take into account any implementation and design plans, the technical processing takes place via dimensioned drawings.
  • Leakage according to DIN 19569 – 4 is to be considered.
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