Project Description


The HydroPad® is the new modern method to create a highly effective barrier to the threat of floodwater in domestic & commercial properties. The HydroPad® weighs less than 500g before contact with water, and can easily be stored in bulk for 5+ years before they are needed. It will absorb and lock in up to 15 litres of water, weighing approximately 15kg, and will retain this weight for a whole flood season. The HydroPad®’s absorbent core contains a stablised mixture of wood pulp and super absorbent polymer (SAP), both of which are degradable after 6 months. After use, the outer sack can be slit and the contents can be emptied into the earth without any harmful effects. The HydroPad® is designed for optimum visibility, and is easy to move once activated, reducing the risk of injury. The unique 60x30cm design structure allows for a controlled spread of weight. The HydroPad® was created based on the success of its sister products, the HydroSack® and HydroSnake® – both manufactured in the UK exclusively by Gravitas International.

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