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Project Description

Flood Safety Door – PVCu – Aquobex

  • BSI Kitemarked Flood Safety Door
  • Patented design with ISIS Technology™
  • Acts as a barrier up to a predetermined height
  • Zero to near zero leakage rates

A new generation in flood protection products, the BSI Kitemarked Flood Safety Door features an innovative, patented design with ISIS Technology™. Requiring no human intervention, the flood door blends into its surroundings with an aesthetically pleasing structure uncommonly found in flood defence products.

ISIS Technology™ ensures the flood door acts as a barrier up to a predetermined height, and then allows floodwater to enter the building in order to maintain the structural integrity and avoid the potential collapsing of walls. Integral to the design are a number of safety mechanisms that ensure the door cannot be opened under flood conditions – a key factor in the prevention of injury to occupants.

Most flood doors achieve a low leakage rate with lots of compression on their seals, making it difficult to open and close the door on a daily basis. The handle pressure on our Flood Safety Door is so light that it can be operated with just one finger, whilst also offering zero to near zero leakage rates. Our unique design is the only door on the market that makes this possible.

Aquobex is proud to be supporting the Made in Britain scheme and promote the use of British-made products such as our Flood Safety Door.

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