FBA is now a partner with Green Light Sustainability Advisors.

Green Light Sustainability Advisors provides sustainability guidance for small and medium-sized organizations who want to make the transition to environmentally conscious business practices. They analyze management, operations and procurement strategies followed by recommendations for a more resource-efficient and cost-effective methodology.

Their Mission is to support the world of possibilities, growth, and success that exists within our organizations as dictated by the structures of our natural systems. To learn more visit:

FBA is now a member of the NY Blue Tech international forum for public-private dialogue and collaboration in water sector technology and solutions.

The NY Blue Tech mission is to develop, adapt, import and export sustainable water management ideas and technologies through coordination across government, the private sector, non-profit and academic leaders in the New York region. It is a network of over 60 professional urban water, engineer, urban planning, architecture and research firms advocating for Integrated Water Management. To learn more visit:

NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.

FBA is honored to have been accepted as a member of the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador initiative – partners who are improving the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, Flood Barrier America is committing to work with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.

FBA can now make available to our market place the complete line of Waterbloc temporary barriers. Available in many sizes these rapid deploy water filled barriers come in 50 and 100 foot lengths and can be joined to provide protection for miles. With their use of twin chambers , these designs do not require the same strapping down as single tube designs to negate the effect of waves. Rapid deploy, several heights and an endless potential length makes these barriers a stalwart addition to line of rapid deployment products

We are pleased to announce that we provide Hyflo Industries unique line of large scale flood prevention barriers suitable for municipal scale applications. From self rising barriers to Tsunami Wave breakers, Hyflo provides FBA with ways and means to help communities in need.

FBA has just recently been given the opportunity to market the Musclewall line of rigid barriers. From 2’ height to 8’, these rigid polyethylene barriers set up rapid and are able to sustain impacts from floating debris that would puncture other temporary barriers.